Please see the schedule page for dates and times.  If you do not see the class of interest listed please contact Arikah Peacock and request a workshop or private lesson.

New students are welcome!  You do not need dance experience to begin your training.  Before moving to other Phases, all movements must be understood, presented, and evaluated by the instructor.  This is something anyone can do but training demands hard work, dedication, devotion, and drilling the correct techniques. We encourage our students to take classes from many  teachers!  For a list of instructors we recommend, please contact us or visit OUR FRIENDS page.  At our studio and facilities we encourage Movement Therapy to be for the mind, body, and spirit.  No competition, judgments, or expectations of ourselves or others is one of our encouraged concepts. 

"One Love, One Tribe." -Arikah Peacock


Looking for a fun way to work out and tone your tummy?  Bellyrobics is a high intensity class that will teach you fundamentals of belly dance to challenge your core, abs, arms, legs, and glutes.  You will burn calories nonstop and leave with a strong and sexy core.  Get ready for strength exercises and a whole lot of hip shaking!

No experience necessary – appropriate for any fitness level.  Pants are recommended since we’ll be doing some floor work, don’t worry about shoes though – we usually dance barefooted.  Water and a yoga mat are also suggested.


This class is only offered only at Healing Arts Boutique and Studio with Brynn Kickle.  Enroll today!  Please call Arikah Peacock 217-917-BELY (2359)



Intro.& Phase 1-7:            Ees'aBella BellyDance format (Teacher Trainings available: Introductory course to BellyDance and Phase 1-7)

Level 1-3:                         BlackSheep BellyDance format (Ees'aBella BellyDance/Arikah Peacock is a member of BSBD and a Satelitte School)

LEVEL 1/ATS/FCBD®:     Dance fundamentals    (Ees'aBella BellyDance/Arikah Peacock is a Sister Studio® to FCBD®)

LEVEL 2/ATS/FCBD®:     Tribal Combinations

LEVEL 3/ATS/FCBD® :    Drills and on-going steps

LEVEL 4/ATS/FCBD®:     Improvisation and on-going steps, combinations, and craft


ORYANTAL DANSI:  Middle Eastern Dance (Classical)/Choreographed dances are learned

Bellyrobics:              Description at the bottom of this page.

TRIBAL FUSION:  Belly Dance fused with other dance styles/ex. African, Hip-hop, or Ballet

KUNDALINI YOGA:  The Raj of the kingdom of Yoga.  Chakra work, alignment, meditation, breathing, chanting, and moving meditation

YOGA FOR HEALING:" Uniting the breath with movement in the asanas to create the essence of vinyasa yoga, you will be guided in a practice fit to your own level of ability. This class works towards each individual's body--beginner or advanced. If you're looking to create a more healthy, stronger, and flexible body while bringing tranquility towards the body and mind, there's a spot waiting for you."

HATHA YOGA:  Discipline in posture, poses, meditation, and pranayama.  Sun and Moon Yoga

AFR ICAN DANCE:  Improvisational and traditional classes offered

REIKI:  Level 1, 2, and 3 classes available.  Master Teacher Certification program available.

HEALING ARTS TRAINING COURSE:  This course is a fusion course of Basic Yoga, Pilates, Strength training, and dance for fitness similar to ZUMBA®.

See class schedule for available classes at Healing Arts Boutique and Studios.  Some schedule changes take place at the Spring and Fall Semesters.  If there is a class you are interested not listed on the schedule please contact, Arikah Peacock.


For all movement classes, seminars, and workshops:  No Jeans please.  Dance shoe optional.  Bring water, notebook, and towel. 


Please leave any valuables in your vehicle.  The only thing that should be brought in the studio is your Zills, knee pads, and/or beverages.  We ask that you keep your shoes under the bench in the boutique and your coats hung on coat rack.  Employees only are allowed in the sewing room.  PLEASE STAY OUT OF SEWING STUDIO.  Do not go in without permission.  Thank you for your cooperation and respecting the few policies.  Enjoy your classes and we hope you have a blast!