Save the date for Saturday, February 23 and Sunday, Feb. 24, 2019!!!
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Workshops will be held in Decatur, Illinois at Ees'aBella BellyDance. 

Cyndi Cyreigna Elliott, is the Director of Irie Tribal Dance Company, Kansas’s Premier Fatchance Bellydance® Sister Studio and Certified Advanced American Tribal Style Bellydance Instructor. She has traveled nationally teaching at festivals such as ATS® Homecoming, 3rd Coast Tribal Fest, Bayou Belly Festival, and many others. She is passionate for creating workshops and intensive that are based in Fundamental American Tribal Style® Bellydance as well as the training and technique that goes into movement and presentation needed for any Improvisational style. She shares her extensive knowledge for dance as well how to capture the pure joy, passion, and happiness in a style that is loved by so many. She is best known for her High Energy and Joyous ATS® Inspired Solos, that have been known to ignite audiences worldwide. Together with her background in Orthopedic nursing and Fitness, she takes you through safe and effective ways to take your dance to the next level!

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$35 a workshop or $40 at the door

Purchase all classes for $170.00

Purchase all Saturday classes for $100

Sunday classes are individual only

Spots are limited.

Our schedule:

 9am-11 am- Fundamentals
11am-noon lunch
Noon-1pm zills that thrill

1-3pm ATS L2 & then some
3:15-5:15pm ATS combos




2hr~ Keeping it Real! ATS®Fundamentals
Together we will go through our Fundamental/Core movements of ATS®! Form, Technique, and Angles are the key powerful presentation! We will cover each of the “Little” nuances and details that make these moves dynamic and the perfect stepping stones or creativity! Pivot Bump/Choo-Choo, Egyptian, Arabic, and Shimmy, and their clear concise cues! P.E.A.S and Cues of ATS®! We will be covering the Slow Fundamentals as well making this class one not to miss!
1hr~ Zills that Thrill
Zilling and Dancing, that is the ATS® way! We will be Zilling and Drilling our 3’s, Military, Extended Military, and Baladi rhythms along with a few of our Fundamental steps so we can get our Bodies and Minds in motion!

2hr~ ATS® Level 2 and then some!
Dive into more dynamic movements in this class! We will take our fundamentals and watch them grow! We will also cover Turning the Wheel,
Lead Changes, and Formations! Some of the movements that we will cover in this class will Sahra Turn, Wrap Around Turn, Turkish Shimmy, Single Bump, Single Bump ½ Turn, and Double Bump! There is A LOT to cover in our 2 hours, so be ready to dance dance dance!!

2hr~ ATS® Combinations
Now it’s time to put them all together into Dynamic and Droolworthy Combinations that are sure to keep an audience on the edge of their seats, but also are easy to follow and incorporate into your performance!

2hr ~ A taste of Vol. 9.
Vol. 9 is the newest in the FCBD® Vocabulary of Dialect movements! Alabama Twister, Push Forward Push Back, Medusa, and the Rainbow are the ones that we will be certain to cover. If there is time, we will take on more of Vol.9!

2hr ~ Irie Stylizations~ Elevate your Creativity
The moves that we have created at Irie are variations of the original ATS® vocabulary. We will also discuss how to come up with a variation without losing the integrity of form and tradition! Sideswiped, The Can Can, Cephalopod and the Goddess are just a few of the Irie Stylization movements we are going to explore and add to your dance Vocabulary!