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Belly Dance in Decatur, IL

 Arikah Peacock teaches a format that heals the mind, body, and spirit, as well as her in training/certified instructors. 

 Please begin with an Introductory class such as Puja: Introduction to Belly Dance or Roots: Phase 1.  In our Improvisational format we offer 7 phases of healing the mind, body, and spirit through the power and art of Dance and Movement.    Find the class below that suites your needs.  Everyone must begin in Muladhara, Puja, or Roots and is encouraged to cross-train. Check out Bellyrobics!  For more information, find our contact page.  We will be drilling and reviewing BlackSheep BellyDance and ATS® formats frequently and consistently while training in the EBBD format. which includes Classical Belly Dance history as well as the new and urban Tribal Fusion Stylizations.  Children must start in the children's class.

   ****Classes are ongoing and you may start a session in the middle of a session but it is $15 a class until the session is over unless you enroll for 6+ weeks.

Ees'aBella BellyDance Schedule:

You may drop in for $15.00 or S60 for 6+ consecutive weeks. We accept PayPal, Debit, or Credit. Classes must be purchased before class begins.  We do not offer classes with the option to "pay later".  Thank you for your understanding.  We give you the best deal we can. We appreciate your business!


Bellyrobics with Brynn Kickle: 5:30-6:25 p.m.

It's baaaaaaaaack! Get ready to sweat!

Bellyrobics is an intense ab workout and dance cardio for all levels - like Zumba and Belly Dance had a baby! :)
Classes are 6 consecutive week sessions for $60 if enrolled in beforehand or S15 per class. 

 Feb. 19-Mar. 26 (Class cancelled March 12 so this session will go to April 2)

Apr. 9-May 14

(6 week sessions)

Yoga freeform with Arikah

You must pre-enroll.

 $15.00 for 1 class or $60 for 6 weeks


Amira and Arikah's Intro to Belly Dance: 3:30-4:25pm

This class is for the beginner and meets every Tuesday at 3:30pm.  Drop in! Amira and Arikah co-teach together and you are welcome to join us to learn dance fundamentals and train for upcoming events, shows, and bookings. (optional)

Wear comfortable clothing. $15 drop in or $60 for 6 weeks.

Children's Belly Dance: 4:45- 5:25pm

     This class is for ages 7-12

You must pre-enroll.

Introduction to Belly Dance EBBD style with Arikah Peacock: 5:30-6:25pm 

 Classes are ongoing through 2018:

        This is a mixed level class for the beginner and/or new student to be integrated into the dance company (optional) or to just dance it out without performing intentions. (not everyone has the performance bug and that is fine:)  New to dance at any age? NOT A PROBLEM! JOIN US!  You will love it!  It is not easy. If it was easy, many would do it. Wear comfortable clothing.  This class will be mixed with Introduction to Belly Dance moves, steps, and combos from Arikah Peacock's ITS format which has classical belly dance roots. In this class you will learn body alignment, breath, and the roots of beginning a healing dancing journey.  Belly Dance is the first dance in history as we know it. "Imagine a time when the bounce and sway of a woman's hips was thought to be so beautiful, it was put to music..." - Carolena Nericcio.  Start from the ground up with correct posture and yogic principals and learn to belly dance to strengthen muscles you did not even know you had. Enjoy a friendly and encouraging environment with room to move and breathe which helps facilitate healing the mind, body, and spirit. Channel your higher power in your dance if you choose and make magic with Ees'aBella BellyDance Company.  Move a muscle. Change a thought.


Phase 1-4 Advanced: 6:30-7:25pm

This class is for the returning or advanced student.  

All Tuesday classes resume January 8, 2018 and are ongoing.  Holidays are observed and the studio is closed.  Follow us on FB for updates of schedule changes.


Phase 1 with Amira (certified P1 EBBD instructor):


                                                                       Ongoing Wednesday's 

                                            Must RSVP with Amira (Call 217-972-2443)  2pm-3pm


Children's BellyDance with Amira (certified P1 EBBD instructor)::   

                                                               Every Tuesday

                                                               Must pre-enroll




Phase 1 with Ellen (certified P1 EBBD instructor and assistant director):

In this class you will learn body alignment, technique, cues and transitions to begin your Improvisational Choreography understanding which gives you a healing dancing journey like in Arikah's Introduction to Belly Dance classes.  This class is for the student who is ready to move to the next level and while training or surpassing Introduction to Belly Dance classes.

You must pre-enroll. This is not a drop in class at present.

. Message Arikah or Ellen for details. 217-917-2359

Private Lessons available anytime by appointment. only

 Drop in any class, anytime for 15$ or sign up for 6+ consecutive weeks at only $10.00 a class.  If you purchase a 6+ consecutive week class online please email or specify with your order your enrollment details and contact information. For PayPal please send a note with payment to PeacockBell@yahoo.com. All sales are final.  There are no refunds or exchanges. Make sure you are confident before purchasing.  Thank you so much for your understanding.

Example:  Name, Phone #, Email, and the name of the 6+ week session or private lesson you purchases. 



Semester sessions

 Belly Dance for a college credit!!!  Sign up for Fall 2018. (you may take 4 times/semesters for credit) 

Class will be 14 weeks and will meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00PM to 2:50PM in Dance studio SC54.

Call 217-875-7200 to ask for more information. 


8 week sessions:

 Call 217-875-7200 and ask for shilling.  Must meet enrollment and have a minimum of 5+ students enrolled for the class to go.  All students must begin in Level 1; no exceptions.

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