*Each workshop is $5.00 more at the door so please order online.  
Off with your head

Don’t lose your head anyone can do this! This workshop mainly for beginners but hopefully will have something for everyone
From care of sword, basic sword handling, to drills, skills, tricks and treats. From prop to integration
What do you do with your zills?
The Blender and Turkish Cross Point
a bit of everything so don’t lose your head.
This workshop will concentrate on dance technique and body alignment. We will work on head, arm, foot, and body placement. You will learn spotting techniques for turns, the Ees'aBella combo adapted by Jan Taylor called the Spanish Firecracker that can be used in any Tribal Style Belly Dance genre. This class is for the beginner or people who have been dancing for years.  All ages are welcome.  Wear comfortable clothing or you can dance in your favorite 25 yard skirt which you know looks great with spins! Be ready to sweat and have some fun! Come share your love of dance with Jan!
This class will be held in SC54, Saturday, April 21, 2018 from 10-noon.

Hoop Dance Workshop with Jaymi Polezoes aka Dizzy Love "The Hoop Slayer"

Learn the basics of hoop dance or polish your skills in this beginner friendly open level hoop workshop. In this 2hour hoop workshop. We will focus on technique, movement, and intention.

We will cover hoop dance basics like waist hooping, moving with the hoop, lifts off body moves and more! You will also learn fun combos to bring some flare to your own hoop flow. The possibilities and growth in your hoop dance flow is endless.

This class will be held in SC54 or SC53B (TBA) from 1pm-3pm, Saturday, April 21, 2018.


  Take a move you love and be inspired to kick it up a notch with your partner, creating a fusion of the combination in duet style.  Chaotica presents a workshop demonstrating examples of duet dancing with and without a scimitar using some of our favorite slow, medium and fast combinations in addition to a few surprises.

This class will be held from 1-3pm in room SC54 or 53B. TBA Saturday, April  21, 2018.

                    Drumming 101 and Beyond

A class that may answer a few of your questions about the most popular types of drums….Rhythms…origins…uses…and dispel the thought you may have that….I Can’t Drum!

If you have a drum bring it, otherwise drums will be available.

Let us see if we can inspire you to Drum!

Drums will be provided and for sale but please bring your own if you have one!

This class will be held in the auditorium from 10am-noon, Saturday, April 21, 2018.

Rhythms of Trance: An Introduction to the Sacred Rhythms from African, Afro Haitian and Afro Cuban Traditions.

The elements of trance are integral part of the spiritual traditions of Africa and its diaspora and rhythm and drumming are the driving force of the trance. Join Dennis Maberry as he teaches the basic rhythm and drumming concepts behind these sacred trance rhythms. No experience is necessary and extra drums are available.

“Dennis turns people who don’t believe that they have rhythm into a drummers”  -Workshop Participant
This class is a 3 hour workshop intensive and will be held in the auditorium from 1pm-4pm, Saturday, April 21, 2018.